The Wildish

Client brief

Return to nature and discover your wildish self.

Inviting a sense of wonder and curiosity to life. Getting people out together into nature out of their comfort zones by having new experiences. Creatively using a mindful approach to connect with nature with oneself and with others. Promoting positive relationships with ourselves and our bodies through adventure and physical activity. Supporting the discovery of one’s own wildness or wildish self for personal growth and wholehearted living.

Adored approach

This is a back to basics move. A stripping away – for a time at least – of the noises that make up many peoples’ everyday. Core words for the project were simplicity, artistic, gentleness, nature, fun, promise, hope. Core visual hints were simple lines, single colours, clean but not crisp, rural not commercial, relaxed not regimented.

Taking a childlike look at the wonders of nearby nature I reached for the joy in the simple – a universally recognised flower, a symbolic sunrise/sunset which also echos the arch of a rainbows, and a philosophical/mindful symbol with a history as old as the land.

Concept one – Dandelion

Key themes – nature, countryside, spreading, propagation, rural living, new life

Imagery – The dandelion spore is a mainstay of the English countryside. They grow everywhere and anywhere. They are a sign of the bright yellow flower that went before them, and a precursor to next season’s crop. They spread using the power of the wind – a truly renewable energy source which allows them to continue their life cycle, taking them wherever the elements deem fit. And who, as a child (and many adults) hasn’t told the time with a dandelion clock in a beautifully symbiotic example of how human and nature work together – your life breath powering the spread of a beautiful, eye-catching flower as it continues its journey through this planet.

The font – Aptly named ‘Sunshine’, this rural, rough-edged character suggests woodland, living off the land, self-sufficiency. All the joys of being outdoors.

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Concept two – Sunrise

Key themes – sunrise, rays, beams, growth, power

Imagery – This isn’t the stylised sunrise of a coffee chain, these are power lines drawn in wet sand with a stick, carved into the trunk of a tree, written on a rock with a stick of charcoal. Childlike only in that it is filled with energy, a raw outpouring that seizes the day, captures a feeling and allows it to simply be. It’s a firework horizon that draws you ever inward on your next journey.

The font – The energetic ‘Epicursive Script’ glows with life. It’s the bounce of a journal entry yet to be written. Playful, full of promise and written with the excitement of wondering what’s around the next corner, and the haste of wanting to be stood there already.

Main logo

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Concept three – Triskelion

Key themes – countryside, laws, history, pagan, lore of the land, the old ways

Imagery – Recognisable the world over for its appearance in a number of forms, the Triskelion is believed to represent the ‘three legs’ of the past, the present and the future – and what better energies to understand and grasp than these when looking to step ahead into the next phase of your life.

The font – This powerful, heavy-set font called Trattatello brings visions of old monastic books, land deeds, spells and times when the land and the people were much more closely aligned. Authoritative, yet kindly, it offers a set of rules and ways to guide as you go forth.

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